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Blackhawk Mines Corp. (formerly named: Bentley Fairview Resources Co. Ltd.) is a gold-focused exploration and mining development company with additional interests in silver. The Company is focused on creating royalties and participating interests through joint venture partnering with independent mining operations in South America. In association with partners and associates who have extensive in-country expertise in exploration and mining operations in Colombia and throughout South America, Blackhawk Mines Corp. can become a significant venture in the mining industry.

In recent years, the modern governments of Colombia, Peru and Brazil have each successfully attracted both, foreign capital and technology. Historically, these countries are known to be gold-rich areas mined by humans for thousands of years. In particular, Colombia possesses an exceptional geologic terrain for gold exploration. Within the last five years this country has produced a very high rate of plus-million ounce gold discoveries by a relatively small amount of active companies. In the 19th century, Colombia was the world's largest gold producer. Currently, Peru, Colombia's neighbor to the south, produces about 210 tons of gold per year from the metal rich Andean Cordillera.

The Company has invested in the Las Palmeras Project in Segovia, Antioquia adjacent to the Frontino Gold Belt reserve. Las Palmeras is an active mining operation including a gold processing stamp mill. The operating partner based in Envigado, Department of Antioquia, has strong, established legal and political alliances that enable excellent cooperation with such key entities as the Colombian Ministry of Mines and Energy.

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